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Chewing Ice May Not Be a Good Summer Activity

Summer is finally getting underway. You may enjoy the nice, sunny months because you can enjoy some fresh air without bundling up in a big coat. However, we all know how hot this time can get. As such, you may take some ice cubes into your mouth to get a bit of a chill. You may even feel a satisfying crunch when you mash them between your teeth. However, this may lead to a quick run to the dentist because your teeth yielded to the hard ice.

Ice is actually hard enough to break teeth. You may have chewed on ice all your life; however, the risk is still there. Ice and your tooth enamel are both types of crystals. Crystals tend to break if they pushed against each other with enough force. Usually only one of them breaks, but chewing ice may leave little cracks on your enamel that cannot be easily seen by the eye. Eventually, your teeth may be weakened to the point where they give in to the pressure.

We can help you if need a tooth repaired, but we would also like to help you avoid having to endure this discomfort all together. You can keep your teeth happy by not chewing on the cubes. If you would still like to enjoy the cool feeling that comes from ice, you can try breaking or shaving it into much smaller pieces and let them melt in your mouth instead.

Our team hopes you have an enjoyable summer. If you need a little help with your teeth or you would like a little checkup to help you avoid any dental issues, feel free to call us today, and we will be glad to serve you.


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