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Dentist Framingham | Do You Have Dental Abscess that Needs a Dental Bridge?

A cavity that goes undetected and untreated can cause your mouth to sustain a constant bacterial presence that may lead to tooth abscess within the gums. You may not notice an issue until you experience pressure deep in the gums or an ongoing toothache. We may need to treat an abscessed tooth with tooth extraction and the placement of a custom dental bridge to fill the tooth gap.

Dr. Ali Maddahi and our team encourage you to visit us for treatment as soon as you notice signs of a dental problem so that the oral bacteria in your smile can’t find its way into your bloodstream. If the cavity is too large or the abscess too severe to preserve the tooth, we can remove the infected material by extracting the tooth from your smile.

To replace the missing tooth, we offer a variety of dental restorations, including custom dental bridge. The initial preparation for a dental bridge requires removing tooth enamel from the neighboring teeth so that they become pillars of dentin called abutments that offer support for the appliance. Then, we create an impression of the tooth gap and abutments to ensure a dental lab can create the dental bridge in the image of your smile’s natural appearance.

We typically schedule a follow-up dental appointment to cement the dental bridge in place with a powerful dental adhesive. Contact Orris Dental at 508-270-6770 today and schedule a consultation with our dentists if you have questions about tooth abscess and dental bridges in Framingham, Massachusetts.


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