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Dentist Framingham | Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Are you familiar with all the benefits that dental crowns can provide? A dental crown is a highly reliable tooth prosthetic procedure designed to cap and conceal a tooth. If you have any damaged teeth or wish to conceal a broken or visually unimpressive tooth, a dental crown can be used. For more information about dental crowns, here is a list below of frequently asked questions:

Question: What exactly is a dental crown?
Answer: A dental crown is a cosmetic restoration enhancement for a tooth designed to cover up a tooth on all sides down to the gum line.

Question: What are some of the benefits of dental crowns?
Answer: Dental crowns are extremely durable and safe to use for all ages. They can help protect teeth from damage and can even bind together broken teeth. In situations where no other treatment options will work besides an extraction, dental crowns can often save the day.

Question: What is one of the best reasons to use a dental crown?
Answer: Dental crowns can protect severely damaged teeth that otherwise may need to be extracted.

Question: How can dental crowns help prevent further damage?
Answer: Because dental crowns completely cover up a tooth on all sides, they can add an additional layer of protection atop of tooth enamel to prevent dental erosion, decay and minor forms of blunt trauma.

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