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Caring for your dentures properly is key to ensuring that they fit and function the way they are supposed to. When you take good care of your dentures, you can be more certain that they will help you maintain a natural-looking smile and better oral health. When you visit Orris Dental, our doctors will give you instructions on the best ways to care for your appliance. If you have any questions about denture care in Framingham, MA, or to set up an appointment with Drs. Maddahi, Tam, and Aroni, call us today at (508) 270-6770.

You should visit our doctors regularly to ensure that your dentures are functioning correctly and that your mouth is healthy. When you visit our office, make sure our doctors are aware of all current medications that you are taking. Some medications can have an effect on your oral health, and may change the fit of your appliance.

Here are a few recommendations on ways you can keep your dentures in good condition:

  • Do not make any adjustments on your own. Only dental professionals are qualified to make adjustments to your appliance or diagnose problems.
  • Brush your dentures daily. We recommend using a large, soft-bristled denture toothbrush. You should brush both the inside and the outside of your denture.
  • When brushing your denture, use denture cream. Toothpaste is abrasive and will scratch the appliance.
  • Rinse your dentures with cold water. Do NOT use hot water – it may cause your denture to warp.
  • Check your denture regularly for worn teeth, as this may affect your appearance and cause the denture to function poorly.
  • When not wearing your denture, place it in water or a denture cleaning solution so that it does not dry out.
  • If your denture is loose, make an appointment with our doctors to have them checked and adjusted immediately.

For more information about denture care and to set up a consultation with our doctors, contact our office today.