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You should receive annual denture exams and maintenance as part of your ongoing denture care. Your dentures are an investment in your oral health, and need regular attention in order to fit and function properly and provide you with the best results. We invite you to contact Orris Dental at (508) 270-6770 to set up your appointment with Drs. Maddahi, Tam, and Aroni and learn more about denture exams and maintenance in Framingham, MA.

There are several aspects of denture exams and maintenance, and they include care of both your appliance and your mouth:

Medical and Dental History

If there are any changes to your medical or dental history, including medications you are taking and medical or dental conditions, please inform our doctors. These could change the fit of your dentures.

Annual Oral Exam

Our doctors will provide you with a full oral exam to diagnose any abnormalities in your mouth. This will allow us to treat any problems in the earliest stage of development, before they can damage your oral health or cause your dentures to be less effective.

Tissue and Bone Assessment

If your dentures fit poorly they can cause changes to your bone and gum tissue. It is important that these problems be addressed as quickly as possible in order to help you maintain good oral health.

Comfort, Fit and Integrity of Your Dentures

Ill-fitting dentures can cause many problems, including speech impediments, bite problems and tissue irritation. By treating these problems as quickly as possible and ensuring that your dentures fit properly, we can help you avoid future problems and maintain your ability to speak, chew and smile confidently.

If you have any questions about denture exams and maintenance and to make an appointment with our caring doctors, call our office today.