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Oral Health Begins at the Mouth

Dr. Ali Maddahi, as a dentist, microbiologist and expert in oral medicine expresses his desire to treat his patients with objective data collection and emphasis on overall health. When you visit Orris Dental, he will review your oral hygiene and work with you to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. We encourage you to contact us at 508-270-6770 for more information about oral hygiene in Framingham, Massachusetts, and to set up an appointment with our caring dentists.

There is a significant amount of scientific literature that shows the relationship between oral disease and systemic disease. A Medline or Google search will provide you with sources that explain the link between oral diseases, specifically gum disease and systemic diseases such as periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Furthermore, oral infections can potentially lead to severe secondary diseases. Periodontitis, a type of gum disease, is a ubiquitous, widespread disease worldwide, and there is a great need for effective diagnosis, fast treatment and inhibition of its progression in order to prevent tooth loss.

In general, a significant problem for the treatment and prevention of periodontitis is that standard home dental care products such as toothbrushes and floss cannot completely eliminate bacterial plaque formation in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease. Therapeutic measures (e.g., surgery, tooth extraction and tooth replacement with dentures, bridges or implants) are a financial burden for patients or, if purchased, dental insurance. Taken together, this shows the importance of developing an easily applicable and reliable point-of-care system for the diagnosis and classification of periodontal infections. This will facilitate the immediate implementation of the optimal healthcare plan that is available for the diagnosed stage of the disease, and identify the typical early and late colonizers of in the periodontal disease progression that indicate different manifestations of the disease that will require individualized treatment.

Factors influencing the development of periodontal disease include:

  • The presence of a specific types of harmful bacteria in the mouth
  • The expression of biomarkers
  • Lifestyle

Bacteria species associated with periodontitis can be grouped into three categories: slightly pathogenic, moderately pathogenic and strongly pathogenic. Detection of these bacteria is the first step in the process of identifying periodontal disease or other medical conditions in greater detail.

At Orris Dental, Dr. Ali Maddahi and his periodontal care team are adopting a medical model of health care in order to better manage our patients’ periodontal health. We have implemented a salivary diagnostic test as the first step of this program.

By taking a sample of your saliva, we will be able to identify the types of bacterial species that are living in your periodontal pockets (the spaces between your gums and teeth). This information allows us to classify the nature and severity of infection within your gums and tailor a personalized therapy that will help reverse the course of your periodontal disease.

Salivary diagnostic testing provides an objective and clearer diagnosis of periodontal conditions. A series of specific treatment plans can be designed to treat the condition and maintain healthier gums. This clinical laboratory test can be utilized to determine specific bacteria presence before and after therapy. This data provides a tool to monitor the response to therapy and assess the load of pathogens responsible for development of gum disease.

This salivary test is non-invasive, involving only the collection of a small amount of saliva. Salivary testing enables our dentists to make specific recommendations for the treatment of gum disease, and to suggest oral hygiene methods that will help eradicate harmful bacteria and improve your oral health. The salivary test can also be taken and compared with the results from your annual checkup at your medical physician’s office.

We believe that Dr. Ali Maddahi’s model of oral health care will be more effective for our patients than the traditional approach to periodontal treatments.

“It takes two hands to clap.”

Healthier teeth and gums require a partnership between you and our dental office. Our dental office will provide oral care and education about your oral health, as well as specific guidelines tailored to your individual oral health needs. Your efforts taken for your mouth at home through a good oral hygiene routine are extremely important. By brushing and flossing regularly and using oral rinses and other oral appliances, you can help keep your mouth free from disease and other problems. We will always review your oral hygiene practices with you during your appointments.

For more information about oral hygiene and to schedule a consultation at Orris Dental, call our office today. We look forward to being your partners in dental health!