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Your oral cavity is a mirror image of your overall health. Oral Medicine deals with oral mucosal abnormalities in patients with underlying systemic disease. Patients with medically complex conditions, systemic disorders or nutritional deficiency are at risk of developing mucosal abnormalities. Most of the time, systemic diseases are manifested as a mucosal abnormality in oral cavity. Local factors such as a smoking habit or a fractured tooth with sharp enamel may also cause abnormalities in mucosal tissue of oral cavity.

Oral Medicine diagnoses and manages complications of oral mucosal tissue due to salivary gland diseases, autoimmune disease, systemic diseases, cancer treatments, temporomandibular disorder and oral facial pain.

Dr. Ali Maddahi has extensive experience in Oral Medicine, and can help his patients to overcome the mucosal issues appear in their oral cavity. Diagnosis and management of these problems is achieved by means of microbiological, oral tissue biopsy and salivary analysis, and management by drug therapy, including topical and systemic medications, nutritional therapy, minor surgical procedures and limited excision of tissue.

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