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If you have a sensitive mouth or your gum tissue has receded or flattened, our dentists may recommend a soft denture liner when the time comes to reline your appliance. Soft denture liners are made of material that stays pliable for one to two years and is less likely to cause soreness or irritation, which will help your dentures fit properly and feel more comfortable. To learn more about soft denture liners in Framingham, Massachusetts, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Maddahi, call Orris Dental today at 508-270-6770.

When you receive a soft denture liner, our dentists will fit the liner between the surface of your denture and your oral tissues. The liner will work to absorb the shock between the hard denture base and your gums so that your appliance will feel more comfortable. Our dentists may also use soft denture liners when creating new dentures or when retrofitting your existing dentures.

Some benefits of soft denture liners include:

  • Relief and comfort when gum tissues are flattened or receded due to your dentures
  • A solution for individuals with chronic gum soreness or who have gums with sharp or bone areas
  • Greater ease when chewing

Soft denture liners may be used by almost everyone. If you require soft denture liners, you may also want to consider a more permanent solution for your problem, such as implant-supported dentures.

For more information about soft denture liners and to set up an appointment with our dentists contact our office today.